Bath Unit
 Interior view
 Floor structure
 Marine curtain
 Cab room
 Captain room
 Chief engineer room
 Senior crew room
 Ordinary crew
 Built-in class
 Driving room
 Ordinary crew room
 Officers restaurant
 Conference room
 Color Card
 PVC film color
 Ground brick wall brick color
 Curtain color
 Epoxy floor color
 PVC floor color
 Dollop Square Material
 Standard for safety net
 Hood Cover

P-457 submarine pipelaying vessel interior project

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    In September 8th DFY three engineers to set foot on the journey to Brazil, officially launched P-457 submarine pipelaying vessel interior project on-site guidance and construction technology work. As a result of this project is the client ’s first submarine pipelaying vessel, but also customers with DFY’s first partnership, customers attach great importance to the cooperation between the two sides. In the construction of the guide in the process, Brazil has been highly recognized and praised the customer side. Both sides said that in the future will continue to strengthen cooperation, expand the market.

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