Bath Unit
 Interior view
 Floor structure
 Marine curtain
 Cab room
 Captain room
 Chief engineer room
 Senior crew room
 Ordinary crew
 Built-in class
 Driving room
 Ordinary crew room
 Officers restaurant
 Conference room
 Color Card
 PVC film color
 Ground brick wall brick color
 Curtain color
 Epoxy floor color
 PVC floor color
 Dollop Square Material
 Standard for safety net
 Hood Cover

Suzhou DaFiya Marine Co., Ltd. Is a professional company of marine health unit and the hull interior manufacturers.The company prestige first,the pursuit of quality for the purpose,with many owners and shipyards at home and abroad to establish long term business relationsip,won the customer trust and praise!
Our advanced technology and based on Japanese technology,the production of marine sanitation unit light weight,designed,professional sanitary ware,mold seamless,with comfort features!Our pursuit of higher quality,lower costs,better service! Hoping to consummate technology,excellent products to our customers for more!
The company's products exported to Thailand,Japan,Malaysia,India,Singapore,Brazil,Korea and other countries and regions,the annual production capacity of up to 1,000 units.
We can design according to customer needs in various forms of high-quality health units to meet a variety of marine ship! As technology continues to progress and mature,I also constantly develop new forms of elements,such as sauna units,kitchen units and so on!
We sincerely welcome new and old customers to contact us,we would like to work with customers to discuss technical and common progress.

Suzhou Dafiya Marine Co.,Ltd.warmly welcome you to visit!
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